What Is SEO and How Can It Help Your Dealer?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is important to powersports marketing dealers because it helps their websites rank higher on search engines. Thus, if someone is searching for a product, the dealership is more likely to pop up as one of the top sites on the search engine. SEO can seem overwhelming, and it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are a few ways to start optimizing your website.


Keywords are crucial to a successful SEO strategy. Pick a handful of keywords that represent your business. For example, it could be “RV dealer” or “motorcycle accessories.” Use these terms over and over again on the website. Include them on the main page, in the blog, and in alternative image text. Keywords do not have to be the same forever. They should change as the keywords of the powersport industry change. Consistent updating of keywords will help the webpage stay relevant and become highly ranked.



Links are very important to include on your website. These could be external links or internal links. External links would lead outside of your website. For example, an RV dealer might put external links on their website to nearby RV service centers. When using external links, make sure the site that is being linked is trustworthy. Internal links are also important. These are links that take viewers to another part of your website. For example, on a page about a specific motorcycle model, there could be a link to a blog entry about accessories needed to go along with the particular motorcycle. These internal links will increase traffic to different pages on the website, helping to optimize SEO.


Alternative Image Text

When adding images to a website, it is important to use alternative image text. Initially, this feature was made to help visually impaired people know what a picture showed without having to actually see it. Today, alternative image text also helps optimize SEO. Search engines consider the alternative text from website pictures when determining your website rank. Make sure to include a keyword in the alternative image text as well as a good amount of detail. For example, imagine your keyword is “motorized RV.” When creating alternative image text for a picture of an RV, write a statement such as, “A motorized RV is affordable and comfortable. It includes a bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen.” This statement is detailed and uses a keyword. Both of these factors will improve SEO.


SEO can initially seem very complicated. As you become more comfortable with SEO practices, you will find that it can greatly help your dealership. The powersports marketing world heavily depends on Google searches. Through optimizing SEO, your dealer can increase its rank and begin to show up as a top site on the search engine. Contact Go Beyond Creative today to learn about how we can help you optimize SEO.

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