Appointment-Getting Secrets for Dealers Webinar

We are thrilled to announce our biggest webinar of the year. In partnership with Powersports Business.

We put this webinar together because… If you’re like most dealers, here’s what your day-to-day is like:

  • Your sales staff is too busy to follow up on leads
  • You’re wasting time with ghost shoppers and tire kickers
  • You have too many leads to properly handle
  • You don’t get enough quality appointments from these hard-earned leads
  • The appointments you get are total no-shows
  • Your leads buy somewhere else during after-hours
  • You have a hard time getting stronger sales opportunities

But your biggest problem is that…

You’re losing potential customers from leads you already spent tons of time and money on.

Some people want you to believe this problem is caused by lack of traffic, and

crappy leads from your marketing and social media… 

…or even poorly trained sales staff.

But that’s not true! 

Because these are not the problem – these are symptoms of the real problem. 

Which is… That as long as you keep spending valuable resources to treat the symptoms. You will continue to lose customers and market share until your dealership is gone. 

I’ve seen it happen time after time.

The solution is simple. And while it’s been right under your nose all this time, it’s not an obvious one…

So I don’t want you to beat yourself up over it when I tell you… Because it’s not your fault.

The real problem is poor STRATEGIC LEAD MANAGEMENT…

During the webinar we’ll show you things like:

  • The 3 Critical BDC(business development center) dealer success strategies that actually –WORK!
  • How to effortlessly follow up with qualified leads to land quality appointments
  • The ONE lead-gen “surprise” few dealers ever recover from and how you can avoid it like the plague
  • The ONLY stat that matters for a dealer (yet it’s the one they never look at!)

I’m also going to show you a deceptively simple, but astonishingly effective system that will help you transform your dealership into an Appointment Generating Machine.

Click here to register for the webinar… See you there!


P.S – 

By the way… if you want to find out how we can help you turn more leads into quality appointments, you don’t have to wait until the webinar. 

We can set up a brief call, and I can take you step by step through the same process we use to generate boatloads of qualified appointments for our current Partner-Dealers.

Right now, while it’s fresh in your mind, go to and take our Lead Response Challenge for Dealers. Get over $1000 dollars worth of tools and resources totally FREE!

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