5 Video Types That Can Boost Your Dealerships Sales

Video Marketing

Video marketing remains king when it comes to driving clicks and conversions. The numbers don’t lie. According to Social Media Today:

  • 72% of consumers prefer watching a video to learn about a product or service
  • 78% of consumers view a video online at least once a week, and 55% do so once a day
  • Viewers retain 95% of a video’s message
  • 93% of businesses keep a new customer when they post a video on social media
  • Companies that leverage video experience 49% faster growth than companies that don’t

Since video is simpler and more affordable to produce than ever before, here are five types of video marketing to help you grow your dealership.

#1) Product Demo Videos

People need to understand how a product works – and how it will benefit them – before they buy. If they don’t grasp a product’s significance or how it can help them, they won’t spend money on it. Demo videos are a cornerstone of an effective video strategy. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Show the most common uses for the product
  • If there are alternate uses, include those too
  • Consider adding some instructions about caring for and cleaning the product

Demo videos are great for generating website traffic when posted to your YouTube channel. Consider posting them on your website, too – as close as possible to the point of conversion. Don’t forget to post them to blog posts and your social media profiles, also.

#2) Testimonial Videos

Customer reviews are essential to the Powersports industry. Still, a video testimonial from a customer will carry far more weight than an ordinary written review or a photo of a new customer with their bike.

Testimonials provide an opportunity to highlight the specific things you did for a client. You can also encourage customers who provide testimonials to talk about their experience with your dealership, including the sales and finance process.

Testimonial videos provide potential customers with a detailed look at the customer experience you offer at your dealership – and they can help to overcome the most common buyer objections.

#3) Brand Story Videos

Today’s consumers want to identify with the brands they support. What is your dealer’s story? Help buyers identify with you by sharing a customer-centric dealership story that lets them visualize how you can help them.

It’s not about telling your origin story as much as portraying your customer’s journey in an entertainingly and compelling way. When creating a brand story video, the goal is to make your customer – the person watching the video – into the hero. To do that, you’ll need to:

  • Identify the most common problems you solve
  • Create a story arc to illustrate how the products you carry solve the problem
  • Encourage the viewer to see themselves in whatever success story you’re presenting

Another way to look at this type of video is as a pre-testimonial – a sort of fictionalized version of what a customer’s life could look like if they buy from you.

#4) Frequently Asked Questions Video

An FAQ is a section on websites where customers’ most common questions are asked and answered. They’re also a great way to improve your Seach Engine Optimization (SEO) since questions and voice search go together like copy and paste.

Don’t answer every question at once in your FAQ videos. Instead, consider doing a series of short videos that answer one question or several related ones. To get creative, try a whiteboard style video or even an animated video illustrating the answer to your FAQs. Informational videos can and should be entertaining, too.

#5) Personalized Sales Videos

This last video type provides a way to hook potential leads. Instead of sending a lead a generic video, have your sales team send them something personalized. Personalized sales videos should:

  • Address the prospect by name
  • Highlight specific ways the product can help them
  • Include info that will help prospects overcome any objections they might have to buy your product

This type of video doesn’t need to have a lot of production value. It should feel like your salesperson is speaking directly to the prospect, giving them valuable information that will help them understand the product benefits and what it’s like to do business with your dealership.

The message that a personalized sales video sends is that you care deeply about your customers. If you’re willing to shoot a customized video before a prospect is even a client, it makes them feel that you’ll provide top-notch customer service after they buy from you.

Video marketing is here to stay. It’s easier to produce videos without spending much money. Once you have created a video, you or your team can post it anywhere you post content online, including your website, YouTube, and other social media profiles.

Try blending the methods above with cool video technology such as 360-video, virtual reality, or live video. Always try staying focused on creating the kind of video content that’s most likely to convert leads into paying customers.

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