Blogging + SEO Solutions

Content Creation + Site Optimization for Search Ranking Gains

Tier 1


  • 5 Diversified Keywords
  • 1 Blog Article Written a Month
  • 2 Pages Optimized Every Month
  • Fresh, Original Monthly Content
  • Optimization Includes:
  • Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions,
  • H1 Tags, and Alt Attributes

Tier 2


  • 10 Diversified Keywords
  • 2 Blog Articles a Month
  • 4 Pages Optimized a Month
  • Fresh, Original Monthly Content
  • Optimization Includes:
  • Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions,
  • H1 Tags, and Alt Attributes

Tier 3


  • 15 Diversified Keywords
  • 4 Blog Articles a Month
  • 8 Pages Optimized a Month
  • Fresh, Original Monthly Content
  • Optimization Includes:
  • Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions,
  • H1 Tags, and Alt Attributes
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The Results You Will See

Fresh, Unique, Relevant
Content Every Month

Google, and nearly all search engines, gauge the relevancy of your website by how often you publish new content, and the quality of said content. With us you will get just that; unique, fresh, and relevant content meant to impress both Google and your target audience.

A Dedicated, Strategic Writing Partner

We will first be sure to study your business so we understand it inside and out. You'll be assigned a dedicated writer responsible for writing content meant for your target audience. If you work with us for other solutions, you will have the same writer.

Technical Site Changes That'll Boost Rankings

Successful websites are more than what the visitor sees. When search engines have "bots" crawl your site, they note details not visible to the naked eyes. We will address these details with titles, descriptions, H1 tags, and alt attributes all focused on your strategic keywords.

“Search results, like warm cookies right out of the oven… are best when they’re fresh. Even if you don’t specify it… you probably want search results that are relevant and recent.” – Google


of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product while conducting a search on their smartphone.

Top 2018 Marketing Goals

Growing SEO/organic presence


Blog content creation


Marketing automation


Content distribution/amplification


Longform (ebooks, whitepapers, infographics)


Start Improving Your SEO


Why is it important to update content regularly?
Search Engines, specifically Google, use the frequency of how often you update content on your website as the gauge of how relevant your content is. They want to make sure they provide their users with the freshest, most up to date content possible.
Will I have a say in what gets published?
No doubt! Just like with our social media management service, you will always have the last say about the content we create and publish. Before any content gets published, we will always seek your approval; no posts will ever be made until you have approved it first. We will also thoroughly study your business, and work with you to learn your brand, your brand's tone, your target audience, and goals.
Can I update more than a few pages at once?
Absolutely! Our plans are structured in a way that you won't have to spend a ton of money at once while creating fresh content consistently, and in turn, boosting your search engine rankings. If you prefer that all of your website's pages be updated at once, let us know – we will set up your request as a project and adjust your monthly plan accordingly.
Are the blog posts you'll write SEO friendly?
Absolutely. Blogging, especially on a regular basis, is an integral aspect of improving your search engine rankings. All of the content and copy we create for you will be optimized to rank as high as possible on search engines.
Who does your content writing?
Our own team members, professional and experienced writers, all of which are US-based. You will be assigned a dedicated writer that will best suit your content optimization needs. If you also hire us for social media management, the same writer will be in charge of all content pertaining to your account.
Will I lose control over my website?
Never. We will only request the necessary access to be able to update your website's existing content and add new, fresh and original material to your site. You will always have full control of your website.