Managed Social Media Plans

Build the Audience Your Business Needs + Amplify Your Message

Tier 1


  • 30 Social Posts a Month
  • Audit of All Social Profiles
  • Top Interaction Posting Times
  • SEO Coordinated Post Verbiage
  • Hashtag Integrated Strategy

Tier 2


  • 60 Social Posts a Month
  • All Tier 1 Benefits, plus
  • Authoritative Link Distribution
  • Special Call-to-Action Posts
  • Amplified Reach thru Influences

Tier 3


  • 120 Social Posts a Month
  • All Tier 2 Benefits, plus
  • Additional Profile Setups
  • Commenting & Engagement
  • Social Inbox Forwarding
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What Will You Get?

Improved Search Engine
Rankings thru Social

Top ranking sites consistently use social media to encourage and improve upon their search visibility. Furthermore, combining social with SEO efforts will result in dramatic increases to your search engine rankings.

Staying Current with
Scheduled Content 

You’ll have a dedicated writer that communicates directly with you to learn your business tone, industry and audience. You will also stay up to date with the latest trends while being able to focus on your business.

Extra Promotion + Syndication Options

Further grow your brand, reach new people, and improve the way customers feel about you. We will empower you to further spread your message engagement, syndication, message forwarding, and audience boosting.

"Written articles, videos, and images are the three most engaging types of content on social media." –Clutch, 2017


Is social media really that important?
Yes, undoubtably. Here's why; 91% of the websites that rank page #1 on Google are active on their social media accounts! Social media is also an important factor when it comes to brand recognition and gaining a larger share of your market.
What if I don't have any existing profiles?
Not to worry! All Tiers in our plans include the intial profile setup for your Facebook, Google My Business and Twitter accounts. Tier 3 includes further profile setups and social media channel management options for Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
Will what you post sound like I wrote it?

We will assign a writer and account manager that will work directly with you. Their objective will be to capture the tone and personality you want to set for your target audience. You'll also have oversight for all posts we make to your social accounts. You will always have the final word before any content is posted or published, and you will also be able to make edits as you see fit.

Is social media effective for B2B companies?
For sure! Although B2C business models will see a greater number of prospects hanging out on social, B2B companies will also reap all of the benefits of managed social media, just like consumer brands do. This is mostly due to the fact that being active on social will also result in improved search engine rankings, which will result in more website traffic. Social media channels are an imperative tool for companies in virtually any industry to build trust and influence the masses.
Can you manage Instagram and LinkedIn?
Yup! Our Tier 3 Plan includes the setup, content creation, optimization, and management of your Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. If you need us to, we can switch services from one Tier to another – just let us know.
What type of content do you post?
The content we will post is informative, educational, trendy, and provokes your audience to engage with you. Our writers will work with you to determine what will have the greatest impact according to your industry and target audience.
Can I still create my own posts?

Absolutely! Even with our team handling all the social media heavy lifting for you, you are more than welcome and encouraged to post to your social media accounts whenever you would like.

Do I get to review what will be posted?
Yes, for sure! You will be able to log into your various social accounts and see what our team has scheduled for posting. You will always have complete control of what is published, and can edit or delete any posts before they are even published and seen by your audience.


of the websites that rank page #1 on Google are active on social media.

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