How to Use Social Media to Your Advantage

As a dealer, one of the best ways to gain a Powersports marketing advantage is by using social media. Whether you sell boats, motorcycles, or RVs, social media can help bring customers through the door. Be as active as you can on a variety of different social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Here are some ways to use social media to your advantage and help grow your dealership business.

Post Frequently

Using social media is an easy way to improve your SEO ranking. The more frequently you post, the better. Aim to post on each social media platform once a day. This will help you to pop up on customers’ news feeds and allow them to interact more with your dealership. On the posts, provide links to your website or blog to encourage customers to further explore what you have to offer.


Share New Products

Social media creates a simple advertising platform for your products. Gone are the days where you need to get ad space in the newspaper or rent out as many giant billboards as you can to share your inventory. With social media, you can post new products daily that can be seen by all of your followers. For example, if you get a new boat in stock, post a picture with a catchy caption letting customers know about the new product. It is also a good idea to provide customers with a link to the item on your dealership website. This allows them to further explore the specs and price of the new product. Also, make sure your pictures are visually pleasing. The better the picture, the more likely it is that a customer will come in to buy the product.


Run Contests

Running a social media contest will cause customers to interact more with your page. For example, you could post a picture of a new item from your catalog and say, “Comment below if you are interested in getting 15% off this product.” At the end of the day, randomly select a winner. Another type of contest has customers post pictures with their new product and tag your dealership in the picture. For example, tell customers to post pictures with their new RV and tag your dealership for a chance to win a gift card or be featured on your social media page. Contests get customers excited about products while also encouraging them to interact with your page which helps your visibility in the social media world.


Use Hashtags

Hashtags are very important to your dealership’s social media accounts. Think about the keywords you use on your website and blog, and use those as hashtags on social media posts. For example, every time you post, add #powersportsdealer to the caption. This allows anyone who follows that hashtag to see your post. Using hashtags is a good way to increase your social media presence. You can also be creative with your hashtags. Try out fun hashtags such as #RVLife to catch the eyes of your customers.


Social media should be an important aspect of your Powersports marketing campaign. Share what makes your dealership special through frequent posts on a variety of social media platforms. Contact Beyond Creative today to learn how to start using social media to your advantage.

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