2020 Roadmap to Internet Marketing Success

Online Marketing can seem daunting and downright scary to the untrained eye. What the pros don’t want you to know is that all roads to Internet Marketing glory have one thing in common – a roadmap. Just any roadmap won’t do, however. You need one methodically prepared that you can regularly reference to make sure you’re staying on course. Below is the foundation to building a roadmap for successfully maximizing your leads in 2020;

  •  Setting obvious goals
  •  Following the fundamentals of marketing success
  •  Your message and optimization of your website
  •  Using automation to optimize your lead conversions
  •  Developing a plan based on all Internet Marketing pillars

1. Set Exceedingly Clear Goals

Setting crystal clear goals is critical to your success. DO NOT forego mapping out your goals. Most dealers are clear on their yearly and monthly revenue targets, but not many know the number of internet leads it takes to hit their goals. To determine how many leads you’ll need, divide your revenue goal by the average sale amount to calculate how many sales it will take to hit your target. Then, divide the total sales needed by your average sales conversion rate (for internet) to arrive at your internet leads goal. The above is a simplified example, and the math will need to be tailored accordingly by department and revenue sources.

2. Start with the First Fundamental of Marketing; Market

If you don’t already have one, proceed to determine your ideal Customer Avatar, also known as your Client Persona. Multiline dealers may have more than one since $80,000 jet boats have a vastly different demographic than $2,500 scooters. Determine and map out your customers’ demographics, pains and frustrations, fears and implications, and goals and desires. “If you can see Joe Jones through Joe Jones’s eyes, you can sell what Joe Jones buys.” – Brian Tracy

3. Finish with Message and Media; Optimize Your Website for Conversions

With a clear picture of your Customer Avatar, proceed to craft messaging for your website that resonates with prospects. Keep messaging consistent across all aspects of your online marketing. Your website, however, is the hub, and it’s paramount to make sure your hub converts optimally. A visitor that takes action on your website, which in turn becomes a lead, is considered a conversion.

Does your website address your avatar’s fears and frustrations, and speak to why they should choose you over another dealer? Do you have real images of your establishment, inventory, and of your team? Are you utilizing widgets that display reviews to build trust? How about logos from associations such as the Better Business Bureau? Do you leverage the power of video? Is your phone number prominently displayed at the top of every page, and do you have contact forms toward the upper, right-hand side of most pages? Are you allowing prospects to engage with you via chat? And are there clear calls-to-action throughout telling your prospects what to do next?

4. Use Automation to Maximize Lead Conversions

One of the most significant issues Powersports Dealers face today – unconverted leads – lies in this step of your roadmap. Over 60% of internet leads don’t convert to sales. If you don’t follow up within just 15 minutes, leads will cold, and the average prospect must be followed up with 5 to 7 times before they take action.

So, what’s the solution? Leveraging automation, so online leads get followed up via phone, email, and text message within 2 minutes of submission. Then, automate the follow up so that every prospect is contacted at least five times via 2-way text messaging and email, aside from the traditional follow-up phone calls. Although today’s consumers prefer to interact via text messaging, it’s still important to take a comprehensive approach using email, chat, and calls. This practice will maximize your lead-to-sale conversions, making your leads much more valuable.

5. Form a Plan Based on Where You Are, What You’re Missing, and What Works

It’s essential to understand the big picture of online marketing success. Don’t believe the hype; no single practice, platform, or software is a magic bullet to Internet Marketing victory. The surest way to succeed online lies in a comprehensive strategy that addresses the internet’s most essential pillars:

  •  An Effectively Converting Website
  •  Proactive Search Engine Optimization
  •  Online Listings and Google Maps Optimization
  •  Online Reviews and Reputation Management
  •  Pay-per-Click Campaigns/Online Advertising
  •  Social Media and Email Marketing
  •  Marketing Software Automation
  •  Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Tracking

Not relying on one single approach will minimize risks and allow for more flexibility in finding what works for you within each medium. Put tracking mechanisms in place to determine what works best for you. Utilize simple dashboards to track your critical KPIs. Become intimately aware of your cost per lead, cost per call, and your overall advertising dollars. Leverage call tracking and regularly monitor calls.

Take some time to prepare your roadmap for online success using this outline. Map out your strategy, including details such as dates, frequency, platforms, roles, and responsibilities. If you do this, you’ll crush it in 2020!

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