UTV Performance Improvements

You might not realize it, but your UTV is operating with untapped potential. Release optimized performance with the right side-by-side accessories! There are various UTV parts that can be tweaked so you can have a better riding experience. Below we cover the top performance upgrades to consider. 

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1. The Intake

One easy way to improve your side-by-side’s performance is to allow more air into the engine. More airflow combined with more fuel will result in increased power and speed. This upgrade is one of the more affordable options.

Improved Air Filter

One way to improve airflow is to get a better air filter. The default options that come with most side-by-sides are usually made with dense foam that limits airflow, so you will need to look at aftermarket UTV parts to find what you need.

Improved Airbox

Another option is to open the airbox. On your UTV’s airbox, there is only one point of entry for the air, which causes the airflow to be constricted. There are a few ways to open the airbox, such as drilling holes or adding vents. These steps are best left to a professional. It is important to keep in mind that improving the airbox does increase the chances of water entering the intake system, but a high-mounted air intake system can help prevent this.

2. The Exhaust

Once you modify your UTV to handle extra air in your engine, you will need a way to expel it. This requires an upgrade to your exhaust. Either change the full system or add a new slip-on. It’s important to ensure the approach you take is compatible with your model! You can always check with a professional to see what UTV parts they recommend for your side-by-side.

Another option is to reduce the restrictions on your current system. Most side-by-sides are built with an exhaust system that’s been tested for the motor’s stock performance. When you upgrade other UTV parts, such as your motor, the stock performance can change. You will need to adjust your exhaust system so that it can handle the increased exhaust production. Otherwise, your engine may backfire.

3. The Tires

One common side-by-side accessory is tires tailored to different riding styles. Your model will likely have come with all-terrain tires as the default, but there may be better tires for you out there. For example, if you go mudding, you will want mud-terrain tires. These offer durable sidewalls, deep treads, and a rubber compound specially made for handling mud. Another option is to get larger tires, which will result in increased top speed.

4. Ground Clearance

Anyone who rides on difficult terrain will need plenty of space between the UTV’s underside and the trail. Otherwise, you could face damage to your side-by-side’s underbody and face expensive repair bills. Make sure your UTV has enough ground clearance for the types of places you visit. You can also consider investing in skid plates, which help offer extra underbody protection to guard your UTV against damage.

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